Incite Live 4-17-15

Incite Live 4-17-15
-by Phoenix Romero

It’s a hometown show at Club Red and Incite is wrapping up the first leg of their first head lining tour of 2015. It’s just 6pm and the line has already formed down the building of concert going metal heads, wanting to make sure they get to the front of the crowd, when Incite hits the stage. The band is home for 2-3 weeks then back out still touring for the Up In Hell album, this time supporting role for Anaal Nathrakh from the UK.

If you like listening to the Up in Hell Album in your car, take note that it in no way compares to the thrashing your metal soul will experience seeing them LIVE! Be warned there will be a mosh pit and you will be in it if you are within a 20 foot radius of the stage. The fans simply cannot help themselves, they tried to obey the signs posted, but as the crushing metal notes slowly take control of them, moshing suddenly becomes mandatory and is no longer voluntary. So get in the pit or get the F**K out of the way!

Drummer Lennon Lopez takes thrash to an undiscovered new level, he is extraordinary, and that alone is an understatement! There are a lot of drummers in metal that tend to just blend in, and as long as they can keep some sort of a beat, they’ll pass. That is not the case here while Lennon’s kit maybe at the back of the stage his sound is ALWAYS front and center.

Christopher El or just EL to most is an absolute bass pounding genius…. and a complete maniac on stage, the intensity of his performance is nothing short of exhilarating. Literally you can’t take your eyes or ears off him. The foundation (Lennon and EL) of this band is so solid a 7.0 earthquake couldn’t crack it.
That leads us to the guitar team of Kevin “Dis” and Dru Tang Rome together the guitar work is brutal, precise, and crisp. LOOK out because Dru is playing a bad ass 7 string that will literally BLOW your mind!

Richie Cavalera’s thunderous vocals will captivate you from the moment his belts out the first note. The fierce energy level coming from the stage immediately intoxicates you. When Richie leans out over the audience, you will know he has you completely under the Incite spell.

Together Incite plays like a well orchestrated metal symphony.