Sabaton Live 5-2-15

sabaton live
Sabaton Live 5-2-15
By Phoenix Romero

Swedish band Sabaton is on tour sandwiched in between Delain from the Netherlands and headling the show at The Marquee Theatre Nightwish hailing from Finland. As we were entering the building I took note that the unbelievably long line of fans waiting for entrance seemed to be clothed in Nightwish attire.

After Delain left the stage and the crew was striking the set, the crowd began to move closer to the barricade. As the set was closer to getting ready, house lights still up; the crowd began to chant “Sabaton…..Sabaton”. You could feel the mood of the crowd change from the light whimsical melodic music of Delain to anticipation of the powerful music of Sabaton that at any moment was going to be unleashed upon them. Still the crowd chanted … “Sabaton…Sabaton.”

Then in a second, the house lights dropped and Sabaton fiercely roared out on the stage, lights flashing, guitars screaming, and their anthem like sound filling the entire theatre. Sabaton’s live performance is robust, and commanding, of its audience’s attention. Even though you may not know the details of every warrior or battle they sing about you can feel the passion and the history in every story their songs tell.

Joakim is mesmerizing in his performance you are completely compelled to watch his every move because he is the story teller. His vocals paint the visual picture of story that the song is written about. The musicianship creates the feeling of the era or time in which the song takes place. Sabaton is so much more than simply watching a band live.

At the end of Sabaton’s set… the crowd begged for more. Of course, graciously the band came back for an encore. When they finished the second time the crowd still was left wanting more, they chanted, yelled and screamed for the band to come back. This crowd although I think not fully expecting it had been fully “Sabatonized” by the nights end.