By Phoenix Romero   

Out of respect for Julie Ellefson we here at FeMetal TV have abstained from joining the media frenzy concerning certain inappropriate behavior regarding David Ellefson that went from private to public with the speed of a tsunami last week.

But this….. abstaining from commenting on this is impossible. How many musicians famous or otherwise have we all known that has crossed the street over to infidelity avenue? How many wives and or girlfriends throughout music history have known or looked the other way? How many groupies travel from town to town hoping, praying for an opportunity to walk down infidelity Avenue with the Rock Star of their choosing? Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll isn’t that how the saying goes? Almost a rite of passage for a Rock Star. Does that make it right? No, it is not the right thing to do, to break or damage your marriage vows. Breaking your word, a vow, dishonors who you are as a person. In the end we are only as good as our word for that is our honor.

But This? Seriously? Would the music we have all come to love in all genre’s ever have been able to ripen and come to fruition, if every band fired a member that strolled down infidelity avenue? Does this mean that any mistakes or judgement errors we make in our personal life, as human beings, entitle our employers/business partners to fire us? Or in this case attempt to erase us from our own legacy.

Perhaps Mr. Mustaine is settling in quite comfortably to his beautiful new glass house where he sits on the balcony and throws stones.

Perhaps this attempt at righteous indignation is just all smoke and mirrors, a façade not based on genuine moral concerns but simply an opportunity for the path to be cleared.

For there to be only one Dave.

There is a “KISS like” feeling in the air, leaving one to imagine that moving forward Megadeth will be” KISS like” with only Dave being a member, playing with 3 other guys he can treat as hired hands and change out at his whim.

David Ellefson will be quite alright without Megadeth, personally, musically and in business.

Megadeth can never truly be Megadeth without David Ellefson, the loss of his presence will be missed with every note.